TEC, Inc. has a legacy of high performance on heavy, civil projects in many sectors.  With its office in Texarkana, Texas, TEC, Inc. is strategically located to respond to projects throughout the region.

Since its inception in 1974, TEC, Inc. has grown its fleet of equipment and team of experienced individuals into a well-respected business.  Through the years, in both the private and public sectors, TEC, Inc. has completed a wide range of complex projects.

Its resume reflects a diversity of projects that include commercial & industrial site preparation, streets, airports and levees.  TEC, Inc.'s clients include numerous private developers, general contractors and municipalities.  Performance on the most difficult projects, with the most demanding schedules, are what set TEC, Inc. apart from the competition.


TEC, Inc. was originally started in 1974 as Gerald Haire Construction.  Mr. Haire started the business as a service and maintenance company. Gerald Haire Construction commonly performed street maintenance, tree transplanting, mowing and bush-hogging.  As a land developer, Mr. Haire saw a need for a strong partner for the construction of his subdivisions and developments.   Not finding a partner that could meet his needs, Gerald Haire Construction grew in to this roll and began constructing subdivisions, streets and preparing small sites.

In 1984, and as a result of the added work volume and expanded services, Mr. Haire elected to restructure his company.   The company name was changed to TEC, Inc., standing for Texarkana Excavating Company, Inc.  Due to errors in the state corporate filings, however, incorporation documents required resubmission and a new name had to be determined.   TEC, Inc. letterheads, business cards and other promotional items had already been printed, so a "T" was needed in place of "Texarkana".   It just so happens that Mr. Haire's key employee at the time was Glen Tatum.  Glen had worked for Mr. Haire since shortly after opening the business in 1974.   Though not an owner in the company, Mr. Tatum became the namesake of the business - Tatum Excavating Company, Inc.

In 1986, Mr. Tatum, along with Norman Green and Dr. Alston, purchased 100% of TEC, Inc. from Mr. Haire.  Mr. Tatum, in 1988, bought out Norman Green, and in 1991, bought out Dr. Alston for sole ownership of the business.

Mr. Tatum successfully operated TEC, Inc. as the sole owner from 1991 until 2011.  With Mr. Tatum looking forward to retirement, in May 2011, TEC, Inc. was wholly purchased by Troy Nipper and Ross Sarine.


Troy Nipper, President

Troy has been a successful construction professional since 1982.  Troy began his career with Kampco, Inc., an underground utility contractor, in 1982 as a laborer.  Over the next 2 years, Troy worked himself into key leadership at the company, and in 1984, Troy began a process of buying out the business.   In 1987, Troy became the sole owner and operator of Kampco, Inc.  Troy has successfully led Kampco, Inc. to an outstanding reputation since that time.   In May 2011, Troy took the reigns of TEC, Inc. as Owner and President.

S. Ross Sarine, Vice President

Ross began his career early working summers in high school for Buster Paving in Paris, TX.   After graduating from Texas A&M University in College Station, TX with a degree in Construction Science, Ross began his professional career with TEC, Inc. where he worked as an estimator and project manager.  After 5 years with TEC, Inc., Ross moved on to M. Hanna Construction, Inc. in Sulphur Springs, TX as an estimator / project manager and from there to SpawGlass Civil Construction in Houston, TX as an estimator.   Ross returned to TEC, Inc. in May 2011 as Owner and Vice President.

Tatum Excavating Company

2416 South Lake Drive
Texarkana, TX 75501
Phone 903-792-3971
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What we're hearing from our customers:

"We wish to offer this letter as a recommendation for TEC, Inc. of Texarkana, Texas.  This company has always performed well and has ensured that the excavation and grading work durations fit our schedule, as time lost on these activities is hard to make up.  We have worked together in the Texarkana area dating back to 1999, and our latest project located in Hope, Arkansas is finishing up just this year.  I highly recommend usingTEC, Inc. on your next project, as we will once again..."

Mike Butler, Project Manager
Leinart Construction, Inc.

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